Stolen Vehicle Check

Don't risk buying stolen vehicles. Interpol is acting aggressively against illegal traders and will impound suspected vehicles.

At, you are assured that all vehicles undergo full ownership history checks. We confirm vehicle ownership via our supplier to the official land Transportation databases in Japan. If despite our efforts problems still arise, we guarantee all rights and resource provided for under Japanese law as any title dispute would originate there. This can include legal and/or financial assistance, refund of purchase price, or replacements costs as the situation dictates, so you do not incur financial risk when buying from us!

Panic as Interpol seizes stolen vehicles
By Cyprus Ombati and Joseph Murimi

Stolen-car crackdown drives drivers off the road
By Bogonko Bosire
May 9, 2006

East Africa: Interpol Car Hunt Shakes East African Region
By Philip Nabyama
May 8, 2006

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