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4. Quality Control

  • 4.1 What is the extent of your vehicle inspection?

    Our Quality Control Procedures are: Odometer Certification, Stolen Vehicle Checks and Quality Assurance Process.

    AutoTerminal.comís Quality Assurance Process includes exterior inspection noting all exterior condition of the car, full exterior and interior cleaning, engine and overall mechanical inspection. Vehicles are then rated and classified according to our established Grading System. For more information, please go to the Vehicle Inspection tab in the Quality Control page of our website.

  • 4.2 What does your grading system mean?

    We have specific grading systems for vehicle overall condition and vehicle interior condition. For more information, please go to the Grading tab in the Quality Control page of our website.

  • 4.3 How do we know that the mileage of your vehicles is true and not tampered?

    Yes, all our vehicles are certified by Odometer Inspection Services and evident by a certificate which we will provide you upon purchase.

  • 4.4 Do you make sure that all vehicles leaving your yard have fully operational batteries?

    IBC Japan, our supplier in Japan makes sure that all vehicles have fully operational batteries before they are shipped to our regional distribution centers. Sometimes, after the shipping process, a need would arise to recharge or replace the batteries. understands that replacing all batteries would ultimately increase the cost of each vehicle. Thus, we give our customers the option to contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center for a quote should they request to have the batteries of their desired vehicles checked prior to shipment to their desired destinations.

  • 4.5 What is the claims policy of

    Please select the appropriate region or log in to see the AutoTerminal Guarantee which details our claims policy for that particular region.

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